Kumfi Dogalter

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Helps control pulling and strong dogs

Calms and controls excitable dogs

Padded noseband for comfort

Fully adjustable

Fitting and training guide included

SIZE GUIDE (measure around the muzzle just below the eyes)

EXTRA SMALL  7″ (18cm) to 9″ (23cm) small Terriers
SMALL  9″ (23cm) to 10.5″ (27cm) Terriers & Collies
MEDIUM 10.5″ (27cm ) to 12.5″ (32cm) large Collie, GSD, Labrador
LARGE  12.5″ (32cm) to 16″ (40cm) large GSD/Lab/Ret or Rottweiler
EXTRA LARGE  16″ (40cm) to 20″ (50cm) St. Bernard, Leonberger

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