Easy Walk Harness

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The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is a great alternative to a regular neck collar.

The Easy Walk harness is great for everyday use and prevents the coughing and choking in dogs that need extra control. What makes the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness different to other traditional harnesses, is that the lead attachment is at the front of the chest rather than in between their shoulder blades.

This feature provides you with full control of your dogs direction during walks, training or camping trips/holidays. 

The Easy Walk harness features four adjustment points and two quick-snap clips for quick and easy fitting.

Available in multiple sizes for all dogs – for a sizing guide, please refer to the table below.

Easy Walk Harness Sizing Chart: To measure your dog correctly, wrap a tape measure around your dogs chest, behind their front legs to find your dogs girth width.

Easy Walk Harness

Extra Small




Extra Large

Suitable Pet Size

30 – 40 cm

38 – 51cm

51 – 71 cm

66 – 91 cm

86 – 117 cm


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