Yours Drooly Indoor Bed/Cushion – Cream or Chocolate

From: $24.95

These indoor bed /cushions are warm and soft, washable and comfortable -Hand wash or gentle machine wash to maintain the luxurious soft condition

Ideal ‘second’ bed or can be used on your lounge, in the car, in the basket etc to protect the fabric.

6 Sizes to suit most pets needs

Size  2 – 49cm x 36cm

Size  4 – 61.5cm x 45cm

Size 6 – 70.5cm x 52cm

Size 8 – 82cm x 59.5cm

Size 10 – 93.5cm x 68cm

Size 12 – 111cm x 80.5cm


Handy Bed/Matt – can be used anywhere – on the couch, on the floor, in the car – uses are endless