Sitting Dog Twin Bowl Set – Wall Mount


The interesting design with three dogs in various poses looking down at what the bowls, makes up the lovely backdrop of the bowl set. The expert metal cutting that has created this gorgeous pattern , is what makes the bowl set so wonderfully apt for your pooch. All of 21 cm in height , the bowls are attached to a frame that is 41 cm in length giving adequate space for the tow bowls of which one could be for water and another for food. The bowls have diameter of 17 cm making them adequately large for all sizes of dogs. One simply has to find the right wall where this frame could be placed with the help of sturdy nails for which clots have been built in. The important part being of course that one would have to find the right elevation according to the breed of dog. A lovely little gift for your pooch to make his meal time all the more special.