Nerf Dog X-Weave Launching Duck


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NERF DOG  X-Weave: Tough Plush Fun!

Looking for super-strong plush toys for your dog? X-Weave is NERF DOG’s specialty line of durable plush toys that stand up to a dog’s teeth, thanks to the sturdy woven nylon exterior.

The wings also crackle for added attraction.

The 40cm Nerf Dog X-Weave Launcher will entertain you and your dog for hours on end, without wear and tear on your shoulder. The elastic slingshot sends the attached plush toy hurtling through the air up to 75 feet, providing great exercise for your best friend. It’s fun that will last, and the arrowhead has special tear-resistant coating and stitching that’s 3 times stronger than standard plush. That’s high-performance durability from NERF DOG.